Blick von dern Landungsbrücken auf die Skyline von Hamburg mit Elbphilharmonie.

#GPPBHH2024 | Hamburg Edition ⚓❤️ | Raffle


Win fantastic Prizes!

Buy 1 chance for 1 €. Every ticket counts and could possibly win a prize – You do not have to attend till the end! Every ticket will be personal registered.


Reducing Carbon Footprint

So big question – what will we do with all the money of the raffle? Since every conference is polluting the atmosphere, we want to reduce our footprint and plant trees to compensate carbon dioxide. We will buy trees at „Aktion Baum„. Please join us and buy some tickets for the raffle… PayPal is welcome!

Thanks to all our sponsors!

Logo der Gedl UG mit Schriftzug und Bildmarke